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Advantage of DOAN machinery

1. Easy to transport and low transportation cost:

The product consists of various containers, is certified by the French BV Classification Society, and can be shipped directly.

2. Rapid erection and disassembly, only need 10 days' erection time to get ready for producing.

No concrete foundations. The ground area of the containers ensures stability on suitably compacted oil.

Standard container locating pins and a fastening long screw are used to fix containers, and pipes are flanged.

Electrical system are fixed before delivery; Equipped with quick plug.

Easy & rapid erection and disassembly, save time, Shorten construction time, can be transport by any container trailer, save time and cost for hoisting.

3. Cost saving

Total installed power is 50-80KW smaller than other similar products;

Low fuel consumption, 6.0-6.5KG/T finished mixture, drying drum unique switch-plate, perfect material curtain, high efficiency insulation, ultra low heat loss, plus large adjustment ratio burner;

4. High quality and reliability, Low maintenance rate

Using German design & technology;

World famous brands spare parts;

Strict quality control, 100% qualified for assembly test before delivery;

SEW Reduction gears      VAM Butterfly bamper      Siemens electrical components

5. Safety and good environmental protection

Staircase built-in and safety interlocking device provides a good guarantee for the personal safety of operator;

Semi-closed status; two-stage strong dust collector, emission concentration <20mg/Nm3;

The vibrating screening and mixing cylinder are containerized, So that the large of dust is effectively controlled during the production process, such as washing the mixing pot, unloading waste or sieving;


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