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Hand-guided Self-propelled Thermoplastic Road Marking Machine GN-FRG-1


Series GN-FRG road marking machine is a kind of self-propelled thermoplastic road marking machine. It can mark straight and beautiful road line, and is the best choice for small sized urban road line marking.

Technical Data



Marking Method

Thermoplastic Screeding

Heating Method

LPG Energy Efficient Burner

Material Container

65 L

Glass Beads Container

14 L

Marking Line Width

removable road marking shoes, standard equipped: 150mm

50/100/120/150/200/250/300/400мм (optional)

Marking Line Thickness

1.5 - 3.0 мм (adjustable)






A firm welded frame is made of hard aluminum alloy, with corrosion and heat resistance, after high speed imported, the whole machine more lightsome and convenient.
Driving speed: Forward 0-4km/h, Back off 0-3.2km/h. Maximum climbing capacity: 15°.
The automatic quantitative glass beads dispenser synchronous with the paint screeding system ensure the spray of glass beads more even and economical.
Advanced scraping apply structure can mark the line straight and beautiful.
Advanced hydraulic drive system can be flexible control of moving forward, backward and stop.
Rear wheel directional device can ensure the road-marking machine moving in straight lines and turning freely on incurved road.


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