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Road Marking Paint (Spraying Type)


Two-component Road Marking Paint (Spraying Type ) is a kind of marking material using particular resin as binder, using high quality pigment as auxiliary material and using corresponding hardener as crosslinking. GENY Two-component Road Marking Paint (Spraying Type ) adopts DEGAROUTE active methacrylic resin as binder, using imported rutile titanium dioxide (white) or coated chrome yellow (yellow) as pigment, using high quality filler and imported addition as auxiliary material and using imported hardener as promot agent. It adopts fully automatic production lines strictly according to European technology, which is a kind of new generation high performance high build marking material.

Available for long-acting marking line on asphalt or concrete pavement. Primer is necessary for some concrete surface.

1. Environmental friendly: with high solids content, without solvent, low volatile matter content; 
2. Strong adhesion: chemical crosslinking action makes combination for marking line and pavement which crates excellent adhesion and weather resistance;
3. Excellent reflective: due to the action of molecular bond force, glass beads combine with the film, not easy to peel off.
4. Anti-fouling: uniform film, strong, good weather resistance, it is changeless along with the temperature changes;
5. Construction is convenient: can use airless high pressure double spraying guns, high efficiency.
6. Color: white, yellow

Conform to JT/T280-2004 regulated by China Ministry of Communications and EN1436-2007 road marking material standard regulated by EU.

Technical Data

active acrylic resin
Specific gravity
Volume solids
Weight solids
Volatile Organic Compound
Theoretical Spreading Rate
0.6-0.8 kg/㎡ (wet film thickness 600μm)
Dry speed
﹤15 minutes (23℃)
powder / liquid
white, yellow
Dry, cool, binder and hardener should be stored separately
Expiration date
one year

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