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Thermoplastic Convex Type Road Marking Paint


Convex road marking material is a kind of functional road marking material uses high quality raw material and unique technical formula. GENY brand convex road marking material uses advanced technology and unique formula, is a kind of international advanced high-tech product. The markings using convex road marking material is always in concave-convex shape, the height from the bottom to convex is 5-7mm, with linear of square, dot, or strip. There will be strong vibration when car touching the convex line, the reflection is excellent even in rainy night, which has very good warning to driver. The antifouling and anti-pressure is excellent, also with very good color and luster, acid-and alkali resistance, abrasion, flexibility and weather resistance.

Available for asphalt or concrete long-acting marking, widely used in road axis, highway edge lines and deceleration markings for curve, ramp and intersections.

1. Good moulding, high anti-pressure: high strength resin, match with high quality pigment, and imported additions such as heat-resistant agent, flatting agent, hard polymer, which makes convex marking to be excellent. The abrasion and compactness of the marking is strong, which is not easy to peel off or deform.
2. Bright in color, high weather resistance: imported rutile titanium dioxide (white) or heat-resisting chrome yellow (yellow), match with high quality pigment and anti-UV addition, which makes marking to be acid-resisting, alkali-resisting, and antifouling.
3. Fast dry speed: on condition of 200℃, relative humidity of 40%, the drying speed  ≤3 min, with extremely low pollution.
4. Touch line vibration: light and fast vibration when the car touches the line in order to warn driver to pay attention safety.
5. Reflection in rainy night: unique dispensing glass beads provide excellent reflection even in rainy night.

White, yellow

Conform to JT/T280-2004 regulated by China Ministry of Communications.

Technical data

thermoplastic high strength petroleum resin
Specific gravity
Volume solids
Weight solids
Theoretical spray rate
Dry Speed
﹤5 min(23℃)
Softening point
white, yellow
dry, cool, avoid direct sunlight
Expiration date
one year

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