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Parts of asphalt mixing plant

1.New design cold material supply system

Stepless frequency control Automatic shortage alarm function

2.Stone drying system, new patented design

The drying drum adopts the international advanced design, unique material, perfect curtain control, durable insulation design, ultra-low heat loss, ultra-low speed hot air flow to achieve full heat exchange, high sealing; its thermal efficiency is increased by 10% than normal dry roller;

Unique dialing piece Perfect stone curtain

Ingenious roller structure, ultra-low drive energy consumption; four units international famous brand shaft-mounted motor reducer, easy to operate.

3.Dust removal system

a. Two-stage dust removal, European standard emission, emission concentration <20mg/Nm3;

b. Rotating back flushing, energy saving and high efficiency.

4.Vibrating screen, which is derived from 110 years German technology, it has excellent frequency and amplitude matching, and the classification accuracy is over 95%; It can handle all kinds of harsh working conditions, high temperature resistance, high output, and always maintain excellent screening performance;

Double vibration motor drive, anti-resonance, adjustable amplitude and frequency, energy saving and environmental protection, maintenance free;

Rugged & durable, high strength, superior screening performance.

5.Metering system

a. Mettler Toled;
b. Mettler Toledo load cell, accurate metering;
The unique secondary tracking measurement patent technology, the oil-stone ration is stable and reliable.

Asphalt metering

6.Mixing system

German design, efficient mixing.

Three-dimensional and high efficient mixing system to shorten the mixing time and reduce the driving power & energy consumption;

Swiss-made wear parts with a lifespan of 150000-200000 batches.

7.Control system

a.Advanced control system and luxury control room

b.Distributed control and remote diagnostic maintenance.

c.International famous brand electrical appliances


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